BLEEDING MEDIA PRODUCTION is a small indipendent music/media company from Västerås, Sweden.

It was founded in January 2014 by the idea of joining their recording studio, BLEEDING MUSIC STUDIO and their fledgling record label, BLEEDING MUSIC RECORDS.

BLEEDING MUSIC RECORDS signed a distribution deal with Rambo Music/Sony Music for their first release "Darkest Potency" by BLEEDING UTOPIA in april 2014. Then after one year, during 2015, the label released 3 more albums, "Wicked Callings" by KAIROS in may 2015, "Första Kapitlet" by FRUSEN TID in july 2015 and

"(R)evolutionär Återvändsgränd" by CONDEMNATORY in Novemver 2015. During that time they took care of the distribution in Sweden on their own. They got some questions from small labels outside Sweden to distribute their releases in Sweden and the nordic countries so BMP DISTRIBUTION was born in late 2015.


The idea was to be able to sign an artist/band and record the album in the in-house studio , release it on the in-house label and then distribute it in Sweden, but BLEEDING MEDIA PRODUCTION wanted to offer more to the bands/artists... like booking gigs and tours for the band they had signedand/or recorded and also for bands outside the label of course, and BMP BOOKING was born in the fall of 2016.


/BMP Crew

BLEEDING MUSIC STUDIO founded in early 2012 in Västerås, Sweden.

Here you can record an EP, single, Album or maybe just record drums or do voiceovers.

If you want something mixed or mastered we do that to.


BMP DISTRIBUTION was founded in late 2015.

The distribution focus mostly on Sweden when we talk about retailers. We can export to retailers outside Sweden but that does not happend so often, yet.

Our goal is to be able to distribute to retailers in all the nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland & Iceland), but we are not quiet there yet.

But if you are a privte customer we can ship world wide


BLEEDING MUSIC RECORDS was founded in january 2014 in Västerås,Sweden.

BMS releases mostly rock/punk and metal but all great music are interesting.

BMS have distribution world wide and releases both CD and Vinyl and of course digitaly as well.


BMP BOOKING is the newest past of Bleeding Media Production.

Founded in the fall of 2016 Bleeding Media Production wanted to offer more to bands within the label ,Bleeding Music Records, and to bands outside the label ofc ourse. The first tour booked is FURIOUSLY FREEZING FEBRUARY tour 2017 with bands THIS EDNING, ABLAZE MY SORROW and BLEEDING UTOPIA. The tour will travel through europe 16-25 February 2017. Be shure to stop by one o the shows and bang your head.


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