Bleeding Music Studio / Bleeding Media Production are registered for VAT


All prices on this page are just estimated guidelines and might differ depending on work load. Don't stare yourself blind on the numbers. If you think this is the right studio for you, please get in touch and we'll work it out. Prices are excluding 25% TAX/VAT which applies to clients in Sweden, and also for clients in the EU if there's no VAT number available.


Flat rate:

Monday - Friday : 2300 SEK / day

Saturday-Sunday : 3300 SEK / day


For longer / bigger projects contact us so we can talk about what you want and your budget and then we can decide for a price & days etc from that information.


Rate example:

Day 1-7 : 230o SEK/day

Day 7-14 : 20000 SEK/day

Day 14+ : 1700 SEK/day


If you already have your tracks recorded and need help mixing you're also very much welcome! I take on every mix job individually with an suitable approach

During the process you get up to three revisions, so you'll have the oppurtunity to give full feedback and have corrections made, Depending on your budget you can have less revisions for a lower price or more revisions for a higher price.

If you want to, mastering is also included when hiring me for mixing.


Rate example:

Single: 1000 - 2000 SEK

EP: 3 000 - 5000 SEK

Album: 6000 - 15000 SEK



I usualy give a flat rate for a mix, based on the complexity of the material. Contact me, let me have a look at the material and I'm sure we'll figure something out

When mixing 50% of the fee must be paid before mixing begins and the rest (50%) on delivery of the "finished material".




For longer sessions (more than one weekend) we now employ a booking fee of 20% of the estimated price. If this is not handeled prior to the project it will be charged as a canceling fee.

Bookings canceled two week or less from the planed start will be charged 50%

Bookings canceled one week or less from the planed start will be charged in full. This money (except for the 20% booking fee) can be used to book a new session within a year.



Please contact me if you have any questions

E-mail us HERE.